Highly Skilled

Traci is a highly intuitive and highly skilled agent. She is very familiar with the area and helped us find a home that is perfect for us! She showed us a house that was a above our price point so we could see the quality differences between builders, and when we fell in love with it, she stated she thought she could get the price down. As it would end up, the price was just a little above our price point, but the payment was less than for the house we had recently sold in Texas, so we were super happy.

In addition to negotiating the sales price, Traci was invaluable in helping us navigate everything that goes with buying a house: Getting inspections, getting a mortgage, and getting insurance, answering a qazillion questions! Traci is well connected in the community, and had people to recommend for all everything that we needed. As for the mortgage, her gal was super nice and got us the pre-approval letter right away.

After all is said and done, Traci is like a friend. Even after we closed, I still had some questions, and she responded very quickly, so it’s not like she’s “done” with you after she’s sold you a home. If you want a super nice, super competent real estate agent, I highly recommend Traci Shoberg.

Single Family Home, Stephens City, VA