1. Thinking about moving into an Active Adult Community?

    Are you thinking about moving into an Active Adult Community (55+)? Active Adult Communities are not very different from other residential communities - most are designed with low-maintenance in mind, and often are built close to shopping, restaurants and other attractions. The biggest difference is…Read More

  2. Does Seasonality Really Matter When Selling a House?

    Are you looking to put your house on the market, but not sure when to list it? There are many factors to take into consideration and time of year can be a big factor. Seasonality does play a role in the housing market. Spring and summer are typically stellar months for homes sales, while late fall a…Read More

  3. Retiring to Winchester, Virginia

    Winchester, VA has been rated by Reader's Digest as 1 of the Best Small Towns in America to Retire. Reader's Digest describes Winchester in their article; If having room to roam, clean air to breath, and a quiet space to reflect and relax come to mind, retire to this Virginia town that's only 65 mil…Read More

  4. Biggest Home Buyer Turn-Offs

    You are getting ready to sell your home…what are some things you need to think of in order to put your best foot forward? Even in a seller’s market, you want to make sure that you are not turning off any potential home buyers. There are several things that are big no-nos that turn buyers off imm…Read More

  5. Tips for Moving with Pets

    Moving isn’t just stressful for you, it can be stressful for your pets as well. They can easily get stressed out when there's unexpected activity in their home or when they're introduced to a new environment. You understand what is going on, but they don’t, therefore their anxiety is much higher…Read More

  6. Top Maintenance Items All New Homeowners Should Do to Save Money

    Congratulations on becoming a new homeowner! This is a very exciting time. You have a lot of things to do to get settled in and make your new house your new home. Now is the perfect time to identify the best ways to save money in your new home. · Water Heater: Check the temperature on your hot wate…Read More